Mental Travel via Video Games

When it comes to playing video games, it’s safe to say that there’s a lot to offer. You, yes, YOU, can witness events you never would in real life. You can participate in events you never could in our world. This is the ultimate benefit of video games. It provides the audio-visual elements of a good film or TV show, although perhaps less detailed or realistic, but the tradeoff is the ability to take part in these fictional events that tend to be larger than life. Video games are truly an invention with a ton of potential. Video games have the potential to become one of our most valuable artistic mediums. That is, once we stop having the kneejerk reaction of “this is not art” and allow creativity to go unburdened. However, we’re not just here to sing the praises of the medium. Actually, I once referred to playing video games, as well as reading and watching video content as a form of “mental travel,” a way of experiencing new places and things, in much the same way as physical travel, but with two key differences. First of all, the obvious difference is that you aren’t really experiencing these things, of course. That’s a fair criticism. However, the advantage of this type of “travel” is the ability to see things that are literally impossible in our real world. And, not only to see things but to take part in them directly and influence the outcome of these events.

There are plenty of benefits to real world travel, of course, and it’s well worth the time and the cost, if you can afford it, to visit other countries, expose yourself to other cultures, see the plethora of natural beauty around us, and then some. Even just a visit to Seaworld and seeing the aquatic acrobats of legend at work has merit virtual reality can’t touch. I would never dispute the fact that real world travel is superior to “mental travel,” of course, but there are still many, many things that can only be experienced in a simulation, and that has tremendous value. It’s only a matter of time until we see the first true masterpiece of the video game world, and that’s assuming we haven’t already. I would argue that the likes of Undertale and Inside, two indie gems, as well as the mainstream Souls series (Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls 1-3, and Bloodborne) are pretty darn close, and it’s not like no one is trying. After all the rambling, my point is this. We can’t always get out and see all that our real world has to offer, and be it of a lower caliber, video games, at least, have a massive quantity to offer instead. So, next time you’re lamenting an inability to travel, why not invest some time in exploring a virtual world full of impossible wonders? It’s a case in which the idiom “the sky is the limit” is a tremendous understatement.


Clash Of Clans (Video Recreation)

clash of clansWhen you’re not conversant in Conflict of Clans, it’s a a game where you build forts with gold and elixir sources. Buildings are dragged and dropped however gamers like, and resources are collected and saved periodically throughout the day as they verify in. Over time, gamers construct an army of various troop sorts. They are often taken on single participant missions to raze the villages of nearby goblins, or on raiding events of neighboring villages. Equally, other players can raid your city. Don’t be concerned, nothing is completely destroyed, though adversaries can snatch a few of your gold and elixir. Gamers earn and lose trophies by way of their multiplayer raids to determine rank, and band collectively in clans as a way to earn even more loot in sprawling group battles. But, soon enough, I spent: $four.ninety nine here, so I may build a laboratory to research deadlier spells, and $9.99 there, so I might unlock a flock of wizards to higher storm my opponents’ strongholds. We buy thicker fortress walls that shall be, for a short while, impervious to the brutal, wall-smashing giants bought by other players. We buy air defenses to shoot down the fiercer, weaponized balloons purchased by our rivals. We’re pitted against fellow, equally addicted schmoes, mirroring each other in an infinite, escalating struggle. And the one real winner is Supercell—its personal little navy industrial complex, promoting deadly digital wares to both sides.

If your village is underneath assault, you need to use gems to instantly prepare an army to defend it. You may as well use it to shorten the time wanted for upgrading your troops if you are planning to attack your enemies. With a purpose to achieve gems by playing, you will need to clear sure obstacles, however will even want loads of luck to catch gem packing containers that seem every so often. You additionally get awarded with gems after reaching a sure milestone. Obviously, this fashion of accumulating gems takes an excessive amount of time. Not solely can this kill the thrill of enjoying this game, however may also result in our village getting destroyed by extra highly effective clans.

Multi-touch management assist. All Andy OS purposes are gyroscopic control delicate. Take the game anywhere and keep in control with your touchscreen gadget! Swipe, faucet and tilt all you want! Your opponent can loot your assets at as much as the loot restrict they will steal that differs with each Town Corridor degree. Bowlers, introduced within the March 2016 update, have average well being and toss large rocks at buildings/partitions (or enemy troops/Heroes). Every rock will bounce off its first goal and trigger injury to a second target straight behind it (if one is alongside the bounce path).

The Barbarian King and the Archer Queen are large regal versions of the Barbarian and Archer. They will solely be educated once and require darkish elixir to be educated and upgraded, but are along with the Grand Warden (below) probably the most powerful … Read More