clash of clansStep 1:Make sure you’ve already put in Koplayer Android Emulator in your COMPUTER which is HOME WINDOWS SYSTEM. Putting your buildings into small compartments shaped by upgraded partitions is important to slowing an enemy’s advance. Piling up a number of layers of walls makes them more prone from the splash injury of Wall breakers, so be sure to fill cells with buildings. You may additionally need to have your most powerful defenses positioned more closely to the center of your base; provide as much of a buffer zone with different buildings and walls as attainable, so attacking troops need to take longer chewing on other stuff to get to the guns. This maximizes the amount of time your defenses are working, and increases your odds of successfully repelling an assault.

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The Grand Warden, introduced in the December 2015 update, is a huge regal mixture of Wizard and Healer. Just like the BK and AQ, he’s skilled only once, and can be utilized for assault and defense, but unlike them requires common elixir to be skilled and upgraded. Also unlike the BK and AQ, he will be set to either assault as a ground or air unit. As a floor unit, he can float over walls (very similar to Hog Riders). On assault, any friendly troops (floor or air) inside his aura obtain extra well being, and the attacker can activate a function that temporarily makes the GW and all pleasant troops inside its radius invincible. On protection, he turns into a stone statue, granting further well being for defensive troops and buildings.

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