I have been practising Yoga for many years, so I already know about the benefits due to how this form of exercise helps me to feel. Each time I attend classes, I always leave feeling fantastic. It has physically changed my body, given me confidence, and helped me to improve my focus.

When I was still in college, I used to attend two to three classes weekly. Yet it took another seven years of learning as well as teaching Yoga before I was able to develop my daily practice, and this is because I became addicted to it. I started to notice signs that when I missed a class, I would feel mentally and physically worse throughout my day.

Avoid putting your own daily practices off like I once did. If you have already attended a Yoga class and you left feeling a lot better, do not wait until you start struggling with sleep issues at night, or you sustain an injury caused from stiffness in your joints or a decline in mobility. If you are looking for important reasons and answers as to why you should develop a practice from home, I have compiled my own list. And this is because I really believe that Yoga is that great.

1. It is free.

2. You don’t have to invest in any specialised equipment. You can also practise anywhere like your bedroom floor, outside on your lawn, or on a carpet. So even when you go away on a holiday or business trip you can practice wherever you go.

3. You can practice Yoga in your favourite pyjamas. This means before you even leave your room in the morning you can fit in a quick session. You don’t need any special fitness shoes or even Yoga clothing.

4. You are able to tailor your Yoga practices to a pace and the poses that suit you the best. None of the classes will ever match up to what you enjoy the most, as each person is unique and different.

5. Yoga will make you a lot more productive. If you are one of those people that falls back on the excuse of not having enough time or you are too busy, get out of bed 30 minutes earlier every day, and get in a practice before you do anything else. You will soon start to notice that your Yoga practices will produce more time for you each day.

6. Yoga will make you feel more energetic. In addition to helping you manage your time more effectively by assisting you with remaining focused and relaxed, practising Yoga in the morning will give you more energy by way of increasing your intake of oxygen and increasing blood flow.

7. Practising Yoga on a regular basis will assist you with falling asleep at night and staying asleep. It helps you to focus on your present while reducing stress and lowering cortisol levels. This will put an end to those distracting thoughts that keep you awake at night.

8. Yoga will strengthen your muscles and joints, helping to prevent the effects associated with ageing and osteoporosis. This type of practice can also help to stop injuries or falls from developing into damages that are major.

9. Yoga helps your feet. If you wear shoes all day long they probably get tired and sore. If you do not exercise and wear unsupportive shoes this can result in pronate ankles and flat feet, which later develops into major issues such as knee pain, shin splints, and plantar fasciitis.

10. Yoga helps to boost your immune system by lowering levels of stress hormones which compromise it. It stimulates the digestive system, heart, and lungs, and helps to shed pathogens and toxins, along with draining your lymphatic system.

11. When you start practising better postures when on a mat, you start to develop improved postural habits. This will save your neck and back from tension over the long term. When you start holding your head up you will also move through each day with more confidence and grace.

12. Yoga helps to minimise anxiety. Just like crystal healing courses, when you practise lengthening your exhales and inhales and focus on your present, each Yoga session will help to keep anxiety under control.

13. Yoga provides you with that important “me time”. Every person needs a bit of time to contemplate, particularly if you work in a busy environment with others every day, or you are a caregiver. When you first take care of you, you will find you have more love and energy to provide to others.

14. Yoga helps lower inflammation. Research and studies have proven that Yoga lowers pro-inflammatory molecules inside your body along with inhibiting the growth of cancer. It is especially beneficial for individuals that suffer from fibromyalgia and arthritis.

15. Yoga gives you more purpose. One of the best ways to start off a practice every day involves setting intentions for the day. In this way, you are priming yourself to go out and live your life with purpose and more meaning.

With time, you could even consider teaching Yoga yourself through Yoga teacher training courses.